May 24, 2012

Seven Sheds - Kentish Ale

Aroma: Light hop aroma, smells like East Kent Goldings. There's also some yeast aroma. Later on there's a bit more earthy action going on.

Appearance: Slightly cloudy golden-orange, poured with a decent head that faded soon to a thin layer.

Flavour: Firm bitterness, light sweetness, pear isn't quite right but there's some kind of fruit I can't put my finger on. Earthy hop flavours. A little musty kind of flavour in the finish, but I can't tell if it's the yeast or hops. I suspect the yeast. Actually, on reflection, definitely the yeast. In any case, it diminishes as the beer nears room temperature. The malt takes the back seat a bit but there's some crystal type malt making its presence known.

Mouthfeel: It has a medium-light body with a drying, tart mouthfeel and medium carbonation. With the lingering bitterness it leaves a lovely aftertaste.

Overall: A really pleasant, drinkable beer. The kind of thing that I'd love to have on tap at my local. That funny, musty yeastiness is a bit of a barrier but over the course of the glass it becomes endearing.

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