Nov 2, 2013

AABC results

My Leichtes Weizen just got 3rd place in the Low Alcohol category of the Australian Amateur Brewing Competition! I don't know the score or anything but I'm pretty stoked with that and it's great to get Tassie on the board. Given how it did in the previous competition I was hoping it might place but knew the beer was only going to suffer with the extra weeks of age on it. I'm very happy!


  1. Firstly Congrats and well done.
    Secondly - 4th AABC medal,
    see aabc history - Tas placings 2nd-1995, 2nd-1996 and 3rd-2003 ata quick glance.

  2. Ah, good stuff! Looks like the tweet was wrong. Hopefully more of us will enter next year and we can add to the total.


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