Feb 3, 2014

Brewday: Pink Pony Bitter

When we lived in Sydney we had a tradition of gathering at my place on Friday afternoons with a bunch of the guys I was studying with. We'd sit around, have a few beers and debrief. It became the highlight of every week. Our terrace house was a pretty ugly shade of pink and for those Fridays it got the name 'The Pink Pony', a play on the White Horse Tavern. We are such nerds. Those Fridays were very special times for me. This beer is called Pink Pony in honour of those Fridays. I imagine spending hours with those guys, drinking it and talking and laughing.

This recipe is a product of my restless internet wandering. I've come across a few bitters brewed more or less traditionally but with New Zealand or American hops. I don't know if that's a trend in the UK or if it's just a few beers but I thought it sounded fun. As I was trying to figure out what to brew next with the ingredients I had on hand, I realised that something in this vein would be a good option.

The starting point for my recipe was Velky Al's Session 42. He's treated me right so far so his recipe seemed like a good launch pad. I decided go with Golden Promise as the base malt, to reduce the Victory a bit and add a few grams of roasted barley for some extra colour. So actually the recipes are reasonably different but they do share Victory malt. There was some Motueka in the freezer that I've been keen to try for a while so that became the unorthodox hop addition. I also added some left over Styrian Goldings @ 60 min to get the bitterness up to where it needed to be. Back in September I bought some WY1469 more because it's one of my favourite strains of yeast than because I had a plan for it. I haven't used it in a bitter yet so I'm interested to see how that turns out. Hopefully it's a good combination of ingredients.

Pink Pony Bitter (22L batch)
Exciting action shot: cleaning my BIAB
OG: 1.042 (1.044 measured)
FG: 1.012
IBU: 35
EBC: 16.3
ABV: 4%

91.5% Golden Promise
8% Victory malt
0.5% Roasted barley

24g Styrian Goldings @ 60 min
20g Motueka @ 60 min
35g Motueka @ 15 min
35g Motueka @ 0 min



  • 10g CaSO4, 2g CaCl2, 2g MgSO4 to increase the calcium and sulfate levels and 2ml lactic acid for pH correction.
  • Stepped mash of 64C (45 minutes), 72C (15 minutes) and a mash out at 78C.


  • 60 minute boil with hop additions at 60, 15 and 0 minutes.
  • Irish moss @ 15 minutes


  • Chilled and gave a 60 second blast of O2.
  • Pitched an estimated 190 billion cells of WY1469.
  • Began fermentation at 18C and increased to 21C over 4 days.

24/01/14 - Brewed

10/02/14 - Bottled

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