Mar 17, 2012

Wild yeast update

A few days in and I've got activity in all four jars. Jars 1 and 2 look like they've just got mould but I'll let them go a bit further and see if they do anything else.

Jar 3 has a few patches of bubbles on its surface. I presume that's CO2 from some captured yeast but that's a total guess. It's obviously doing something. It has a nice, tart, lemony smell. I have hopes for this one.

Jar 4 is crazy, it developed clusters of tiny bubbles on its surface and then within a day the whole surface became covered in... stuff.  It looks like there's at least two different bugs at work here. The aroma is very similar to jar 3 but a little less fruity and tart. But there's this wispy network that covers the surface. I don't know what's going on there but it looks pretty nasty. I guess I'll have to wait for a few weeks and see what it produces.

I transferred jars 3 and 4 into a couple of erlenmeyer flasks with a bit of extra wort I cooked up. I'll let them go for a few weeks and see what we have.

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