Sep 17, 2013

Little Beer Brewday Continued: Ordinary Bitter

Ordinary Bitter isn't a very inspiring label. Ordinary: pedestrian, plain, dull. We even use ordinary as a descriptor when we mean bad. There's something nice about the idea of an Ordinary Bitter though. Ordinary Bitter just is, no punching people in the face with high ABV or flavours turned up to 11. A well made Bitter has a place even though it can't compete with crazy Belgian beers and West Coast IPAs for straight up impact.

Bitter is better when pronounced 'bit-ta' like Roots Manuva

I brewed this one earlier in the year and I think it worked well. It was just 93% Maris Otter and 7% Medium Crystal with 35 IBU worth of First Gold hops. I carbonated some bottles as normal and carbonated others with only half the normal amount of sugar. When comparing them it was almost as if they were two different beers. This time I've run out of Medium Crystal so it's the less traditional Caramunich II instead and I've got East Kent Goldings instead of the First Gold. I'll start fermenting it at 20C and raise the temperature slowly over the week to 24C. Another time I'd like to leave out the crystal and just add a little black malt to adjust the colour.

It's not a revolution in a bottle, it's not different or new, it won't stand out. It's not meant to. It's just meant to be well brewed and good to drink. I like beers that are different and challenging but it's nice to just brew something that can be simple and good without any extra pretension.

Liberty Bitter (23L batch)
OG: 1.037 (1.038 measured)
FG: 1.010
IBU: 35
ABV: 3.5%
EBC: 11.6

93% Maris Otter
7% Caramunich II

25g East Kent Golding @ 90 min
30g East Kent Golding @ 20 min
30g East Kent Golding @ 0 min

1L starter of WY1968

9g CaSO4, 1g CaCl2, 3g MgSO4

80g Acidulated malt to adjust pH.

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