Sep 21, 2013

Wild yeast capture one more time

A while back I had a go at capturing some wild yeast. I had one promising jar out of four but whatever was in there wasn't able to attenuate the wort beyond 1.020 and it got dumped. I'm still pretty much in love with the idea of capturing some wild yeast and brewing with it, either lambic style or isolating and using a single strain. I've started growing some samples of my sourdough starter and kombucha on plates and I'm looking forward to seeing what will come of them.

Anyway, I had a little bit of left over malt extract agar when I made up the plates yesterday so I put some paper towel over it and left it outside overnight next to our hop plant. I brought it in again in the morning and it'll sit at room temperature for a week or two and we'll see what it does. Since it's a jelly, whatever grows on there will be on the surface and in theory, I'll be able to pick out the promising colonies.

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